Venture X Chicago - Oakbrook

Work Where You Play

The Venture X Chicago – Oak Brook Terrace is a modern, industrial building designed by a local architect. It’s located just 20 miles outside the city, between the western suburbs and downtown Chicago, and is accessible from any direction. We are located in the heart of the high-end shopping district, surrounded by restaurants and services that once many couldn’t enjoy working outside the city. Even better, with Venture X Chicago – Oak Brook Terrace, you’ll benefit from the experience of city-grade networking in a more local setting, with premium services and a closer proximity to home. And with half the commute time, underground parking, and a state-of-the-art facility that you'll not only be proud to work in, but proud to show your clients and customers, what's not to love?

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Why is Coworking More Important Than Ever?

For years, people like lawyers and real estate brokers have sought out a carved-out space in a larger business footprint to keep down costs and also maintain a professional appearance. Next came startups, with entrepreneurs who needed to grow from their garage or attic to a place dedicated to their venture. And with the proliferation of connected technologies like videoconferencing -- as well as a growing global adoption of hybrid employment -- many small, midsize, and even large enterprises are seeking space for a dedicated group of remote employees.

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